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  Numbers 6:25


From the age of about twelve, I've been capturing  "photographic moments".  As an adult, I gained much experience in wedding and portrait photography,   thanks to Denny and Willis.   

I found my niche as I  traveled abroad over the years. In the grandness of God's masterpiece, and how the ocean and sky meet, the hues of colors in the lakes and mountaintop views, brought out the best in my creative juices! 

At times,  the amazement of animals just at the right moment  can be captured.   The sweetness of a deer feeding  on the grass, or how a squirrel nibbling fervently on a peanut reveals an adorable expression. Other times,  birds of the sky swoop down to sit on a branch or a fence. Even in  the clouds that create a grand formation, looking like white cotton candy in the shape of a face, create a magical moment. Or the simple pleasure of the vast array of flowers, in their shapes and colors and  variations and how the sun shines or shadows lay on them -- the list of possibilites are endless. 

My focus (pun intended) is to get up close and personal with the things I see and come across. Never taking for granted the hues, design and dynamics of this world and putting into a photographic image.

I will endeavor to take God's Words and promises, along with encouragement so that others may enjoy the  photographs and  present God's Word so that He may be glorified!

It is not in my ability, but God through me who supplies the image before my eyes to bring forth what He has for us to enjoy and learn from.

May you see the grandness of God's amazing creation on this site!

Blessings to you full of His goodness today and always!

The whole earth  IS full of His glory!!!!      

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