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For better quality of life without side affects visit us at Young Living Essential oils  check out for more information! If you are needing some extra income, or just want to utilize a natural way to gain better health,   join us at  Oiled by Design on Facebook

when ordering  please use Sponsor/Member # 1291108


Young Living offers various oils that are 100% therapuetic grade (pure) that help to maintain a healthy body, soul  and mind. 

We have household cleaner that is non toxic and safe for kids and animals. Face/skin products, shampoos, conditioner, hand sanitizer, toothpaste as well  as the most amazing suppliments! Come on over and check out the products Young Living offers! and if you would like to become an independent distributor and create lifetime residuals, you can do that as well!    when ordering  use sponsor 1291108

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Social service agency

At Journey we offer a Boutique dubbed Journey Goods 

Which featurs  gently used or new young women's fashion clothing, accessories, body care, baby needs and essentials. Our clients   receive a Mentor intake session-which can occur either at the time of appointment, or those that are interested in beginning a new life journey regardless of a crisis or not-will be offered the following:


~ Your own personal mentor...a "Journey Guide" to help you assess and create an individualized plan to help you meet your immediate, short term and long term goals. We desire to treat the whole YOU. We do our best to match you with a mentor you connect with.
~ We will answer questions like-Who are you? What are you great at? What skills do you need to work on, have practice with-get excellent at? ............. so that you can learn more about yourself, and overcome obstacles that  may hold you back from becoming  whole. 




Real Hope, for Real People     

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