Grateful for the day - Wade Lawry

I am so grateful for the gift of photography.  I enjoy creating an image that will bless others. Maybe the color, wording or place will touch your emotions or lift your spirits.

I hope you can let the moment captured  throughout these galleries,  be a blessing to you.   The basis of what I do is to enhance a photograph with encouragement, scripture or God inspired word. To edify those who follow Jesus Christ, and to help everyone willing to have a closer walk with God. 

 The gallery of photos offer a variety of themes. Prints are offered in various sizes, from 4x6 up through 16x20; We have canvas, metal prints, books and greeting cards being created and added.

If  you would like to purchase stock photography or have any special requests, please feel free to contact me at, to see if we can accomodate your inquiry. 

Also, check out the blog page and link page. I support local companies that   are small businesses with a goal to enrich people's lives.  Some I do get risiduals from, others are just products I believe in, as well as the people who own the business(s).

Enjoy the blog as well, may you glean from it, and bless your life, right where you are; I am adding new blogs regularly and enjoy sharing thoughts on what God reveals to me, through seasons and experiences in life. 

 It is a special time  that we are living in - as we need encouraging and uplifting words. There is enough tragedy on the news, I want to bring LIFE  - JOY - and LAUGHTER to you. If you are blessed by anything on my sites, please, feel free to leave comments or send an email! 


Isaiah 6:2-3

" Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; The whole earth is full of His glory!"


He reigns Victorious!


Thanks for stopping by to view photograhy. Feel free to sign up and  send an email, or ask for prayer at 

(email addresses and personal information will never be sold or comprimised).

God bless you!

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